Find the The Crossing Between Two Species In Dubai

The Camel-Lama Cross Project in Dubai

The Dubai Hilton, where we stayed during our visit.

The Camel Reproduction Centre

Little Mo, a male guanaco-llama cross born during our visit.

Dr. Julian (Lulu) Skidmore doing ultrasound scans.

Lulu at work in her state-of-the-art laboratory.

A few of the "llamas" in the park surrounding the palace.

Tipu and an assistant collecting semen.

The Staff (plus us and minus Lulu).

Paul and Sally with Sweetums, one of the guanaco-cross females.
We trolled Sweetums through the park to attract males for capture.

Rama the Cama (camel-lama), 2-days old.

Well...OK, he's kinda cute.

Lulu, Tipu, Rama and the proud parents.

Rama the Cama at 1-year of age.

Rama as a young adult (2 years).

Llama mother with camel-cross baby, Kamilah

Lulu and Kamilah

A third camel-llama cross, a male, born January of '03.